The First Private Space Station Will Be Equipped to Manufacture

Axiom Space plans to launch the first commercial space station which will function as a manufacturing hub. The station will also serve as a location for scientific work and space tourism.

Image Credit: Axiom

First Commercial Space Station

If all goes as planned, the world’s first commercial space station should become a manufacturing hub within a few years of reaching orbit. Axiom Space plans to launch the first pieces of its station in 2020, on the eve of the retirement of the International Space Station (ISS). However, the company sees its space station as more than a manufacturing center, they believe that it will also serve as a research and tourism base.

Still, according to comments from Axiom Space’s vice president of strategic development, Amir Blachman, to, manufacturing will be the primary source of revenue for the space station. Blachman mentioned that the company will also use sponsorships and advertising to make money. Through 2024, Axiom will launch several additional pieces, including propulsion and power modules, as it continues to, if all goes according to plan, host tourist and astronaut visitors.

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